To get assistance after business hours, call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000. Their service is confidential, free and available 24/7.

If you or someone you know are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call the Mental Health Crisis Line at 613-722-6914, which also offers a confidential, free and 24/7 service.

Echo of the CMSA

Although the clinic has been in existence for many years, it is finally taking its very first steps on the web! From its modest beginnings in 1972 as a seasonal vaccination clinic, it has succeeded over the years in becoming a medical center offering a variety of medical and professional services for all its member patients. Come and discover through the different "tabs" of the menu above, the great history of your "little" clinic, and learn more about the different services it offers as well as valuable information on the various resources available to you. Enjoy your visit!

The Management

Welcome doctors!

We are looking for new family physicians to join our current team. Our model of care is an FHO with a large interdisciplinary team. Check out the career tab for information on how to apply. And by the way...visit our "testimonials" section, to discover the experience of young professionals with us!

New recruits!

The CMA is pleased to welcome the following resources to its team:

  • Ms Althéa Tempier, psychotherapist – Juin 2023
  • Dre Kristy Luopa, Family Physician (locum) – Juin 2023
  • Ms Karissa Chaput, social worker – Mars 2023

We wish them all a great experience with us and with you!

What's new at your clinic?

Accessibilité des services. Depuis le 1er juillet 2022, la clinique a étendu ses heures d’opération en ajoutant une clinique d’urgence «après les heures régulières» afin d’augmenter son accessibilité. La clinique est maintenant ouverte le samedi matin de 9h30 à 12h30. Vous pouvez dès-lors réserver 24 h à l’avance votre rendez-vous urgent en ligne (places limitées!) ou appeler la clinique le matin même à compter de 8h30. Les rendez-vous d’urgence sont d’une durée maximale de 15 minutes et sont utilisés pour gérer le problème de santé urgent ou aigu que vous avez développé récemment et qui ne nécessite pas une visite à l’urgence.
As of this summer, Dr. Jee's and Dr. Awan's patients can schedule their medical appointments online by clicking here.It is anticipated that Dr. Lester's patients and our Nurse Practitioner Ms. Haddad's patients will have access to the online appointment in the Winter of 2023.
TAll patient members wishing to make an online appointment for their psychosocial needs can do so by clicking here to access it.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind patients of the importance of showing up for their appointments and being on time. No-shows and tardiness decrease accessibility to physicians and health care professionals for all and contribute to backlogs for subsequent patients. Help us improve your experience with us!
Secure transmission of documents or information to patients. We have new secure messaging platforms through which our physicians and our team of professionals can share certain documents or information via secure links. For those who have not yet shared their contact information (personal email address) with us, don't forget to give it to our clerks during your next visit, along with your consent to this form of information transmission.
Annual vaccination clinic. Once again this year, the CMSA is helping to promote influenza vaccination. Vaccines will be administered from mid-October to the end of December by appointment only, from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. We invite you to contact the secretariat to schedule an appointment with our nurse to receive your vaccine or use our online appointment platform here. You can also express your interest during your next visit to the center when you come to the reception desk.
Cholesterol Education Group. An initial virtual information session was held last November between our dietitian Ms. Chantha and a group of patient members of the CMSA. This first information and discussion session on cholesterol was greatly appreciated by the participants who left with several practical tools to apply in their daily lives. Other meetings will be planned in the near future, so keep an eye on our website!
Clinical research project. The CMSA and the University of Ottawa's Music and Health Research Institute (MHRI) are considering a partnership to conduct a feasibility study for the "social prescription" project involving music and movement with a population suffering from memory impairment or dementia. More information will be forthcoming in the coming months.