Foot health (orthotics, splints, foot care)

Why take care of your feet?

Feet are the foundation of your body, so keep them healthy for better overall health. Poor body alignment, years of poor posture, a job that requires excessive wear and tear on your feet, ill-fitting shoes, all of these factors can lead to foot injuries and disorders causing a huge impact on your mobility.

Diabetes can cause nerve damage that significantly decreases sensation in the feet, reduces blood flow to the feet making it harder for wounds to heal. It can also reduce the immune system's resistance to infection, making the feet more susceptible to bacteria or viruses. The consequences can be serious if foot care is neglected!

The services of our specialist foot care nurse include:

  • Feet assessment
  • Nail trimming and sanding
  • thinning of bodies, calluses and thick nails
  • caring for ingrown, involuted, peeling, decolonized nails
  • foot massage
  • Skin maintenance (cracked and cracked heels)

What is an orthotist-prosthetist?

Our orthotist-prosthetist is a certified healthcare professional who has the competence to assess the biomechanics of the body in order to recommend appropriate solutions for the patient. He manufactures, repairs or adjusts orthopedic devices, namely orthoses and prostheses. These solutions will correct posture, allow better body alignment and reduce pain.


Orthotics are used as a rehabilitation treatment to support, control or correct a motor, joint or functional problem. These can be knee, plantar or body orthoses.
The range of orthopedic appliances includes among others:

  • foot orthosis
  • knee brace
  • ankle brace
  • tibio-pedal orthosis
  • epicondylitis bracelet
  • lumbar and thoraco-lumbar corset
  • sports orthosis
  • compressive garments


The function of prostheses is to replace a missing segment or limb in a patient.

How can I benefit from these services?

To be referred to one of our specialists in the foot care program, you must be a patient member of the clinic and ask your family doctor for a referral to one or the other (or the two!) of these specialists. You will then get an appointment via our head of secretariat.