Tristan Holenka, MD CFPC

Family doctor

During my last year of residency in 2021, I had the opportunity to do a 1-month elective internship at Center Médical Ste-Anne. The word I would use to describe my experience would be “Awesome”. The examination rooms were superbly equipped and clean, using PS Suite and having modern machines for measuring vital signs hanging on the walls. The team was welcoming and competent. The management responded to the needs of the doctors, even if it sometimes required considerable effort.

At the end of my elective, it was clear to me that Center Médical Ste-Anne would be an ideal place to practice family medicine. For doctors who want to focus on “Medicine”, this clinic offers the services of nurses, psychologists, dieticians, social workers on request. The business side is entirely handled by management. I would recommend working at Center Médical Ste-Anne to any family physician who wishes to focus on medicine in a well-maintained and well-managed clinic with the support of an interdisciplinary team at all times.

Emily Newell

2nd year student of the master's degree in the Nursing program
University of Ottawa

I did an internship at the Center Médical St-Anne with the University of Ottawa in January 2022. During this internship, I worked on a clinical project aimed at improving care for women in the postpartum period. Specifically, I aimed to improve access to care for postpartum depression and breastfeeding. This was complemented by online training programs for clinic staff and resources/materials available for patients. Additional duties I performed when time permitted included phoning and counseling patients requiring follow-up, attending appointments, and creating pamphlets detailing care expectations during the prenatal and postpartum.

During the realization of my clinical project, I had the opportunity to work mainly alongside the nurses, but I was also able to collaborate with the doctors, the administrative team and the extended team of health professionals in order to obtain relevant information in order to facilitate the implementation of new practices. I was also supervised and supported by my clinical supervisor Lee-Ann and clinic director Martine. All the clinic staff were incredibly welcoming, friendly and open to my interventions. Their willingness to work with a new team member, even a temporary one, ensured that I had a smooth and rewarding student placement. Overall, I had a fantastic experience and I thank everyone who participated in my academic journey.